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Grey hair and a scruffy grey beard, greyish-blue eyes, average height, above average weight. He usually wears a leather armor, a blue tunic, a black cape, and a flamboyant wizard's hat. Usually he's seen carrying a huge spellbook.

Like many of the famous heroes of Britannian (and Sosarian) history, Stargazer came here via moongate from a place called "Earth". He has just recently arrived and still hasn't adapted to life in another world. If you make the mistake of mentioning Earth, he immediately starts ranting about cellphone reception, the internet, and a game called Dungeons & Dragons. It's more than likely that he's just a little bit mad. Or when did the Avatar or Lord British last talk about such unbelievable and outlandish things?

Aside from these quirks, Stargazer is a friendly fellow with a strong sense of right and wrong, interested in learning more about the lands of Britannia. He has shown some knack for magic and also sometimes dabbles in alchemy. Stargazer is honest to a fault, which often gets him into trouble, and he has a certain naivete common to people new to these lands.

Recently he moved into a small tower at the south-eastern edge of Britain.
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