[Book] Survivalism by Bryxis of Skara Brae

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[Book] Survivalism by Bryxis of Skara Brae

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by Bryxis of Skara Brae

Basic survival principles canst be broken down as follows:

1) Protection
2) Location
3) Sustenance
4) Will to Survive

Protection - The principle of protection encompasses everything from possessing proper equipment to guard oneself against the elements, to arming and armoring of thyself for battle. If thou art planning to cross a river, water-resistant boots are wise to have. For wintry climes, warm attire is mandatory. Likewise, if thou expectest foes, arming oneself with a weapon or armoring oneself is necessary. It is during times of safety that preparations shouldst be made to procure and practice with proper gear. Understanding and being familiar with thy gear is best done –before- times of crisis, not -during-.

Location – Understanding the location thou art destined for allows for more specific gear to be acquired. If thou art unfamiliar with the area thou wilt be travelling to, seek thee out the knowledge of others who have gone before. Oftimes, they mayest have advice for those starting out fresh upon the path –or the means to circumnavigate dangers entirely.

Sustenance – A human canst survive: 3 weeks without food, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air. Procuring and preparing of wild game and forage is a valuable skill, but thou must prioritize thine needs depending on the situation. Assuming thou hast secured water and breathable air, the ability to find and secure safe shelter is the next priority. From an area of safety and secure storage, one mayest begin to set traps and search for forage.

Will to Survive -Many times events happen too fast and an adventurer sacrifices a secure position for glory. It is important not to lose one's resolve to fear or panic. One must fight to keep focus sharp, and riseth up to the challenge before thee. In such situations, it is up to the individual and his or her will to survive in order to go the distance…

[The rest of the book goes into more detailed techniques on how to build a fire, how to set up a tent, dress an animal, as well as mental exercises to keep oneself motivated during times of extreme physical duress.]
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