[Book] Mining and Thee by Rik Haren of Minoc

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[Book] Mining and Thee by Rik Haren of Minoc

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Mining and Thee
by Rik Haren of Minoc

Mined goods (and iron ore especially) are integral parts of our world’s economy, second only to lumber. If thou addest up the number of nails, saws, tools, weapons, armor, and more used in daily life, the average Britannian uses hundreds of stone of iron. Construction requireth muchly of stone and sand. Also, several disciplines also rely on the use of mined goods: Alchemy, from the metal in the mortar and pestles, to the sand used in bottles; Blacksmithing, for the vast amount of products of said craft; and Tinkering for the crafting of mechanical parts to the tools used in other specialties.

Our reliance on ores hath even prompted a popular saying: ‘If it cannot be grown, it must be mined.’ But how to feedeth the need for such material? Fortunately, the collection of ore is open to all with a strong arm, a strong back, a reliable pickaxe, and determination.

There are two main methods of mining: Surface Mining and Underground.

The hills of Minoc have both sites available, and the process is straightforward. With Surface mining, thou must useth thine pick upon the rock walls. For Underground mining, thou must entereth the caverns and find suitable rock floor to pick. For those who seek adventures and rarer ores, the great Dungeons may provide more opportunities for mining. Elementals exist that may be battled, and rare ores and precious gems may be acquired.

Still, for those who wisheth to forego adventure, mining and selling the goods of ones efforts is both reliable and profitable. The need is steady, and through the practice of it, thou mayest build strength and stamina. Be mindful, for the weight of the ore may be difficult to manage. Thou mayest wish to purchase a pack animal to assist in collection.

With perseverance, thou mayest reap the profits of thy work. And perhaps thou wilt begin to use the materials, becoming a craftsperson in thine own right.

The way forward is iron!
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