[Book] Natural Justice

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[Book] Natural Justice

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Natural Justice
by Farehar, Druid of the Wild

[This account was written sometime during the Guardian's reign.]

The lamentable change in state necessitates reasoned unbiased hearing in order to restore justice. There is a law, right reason, which is in accordance with nature; existing in all, unchangeable, eternal. Commanding us to do what is right, forbidding us to do what is wrong. No legalism can be substituted for it, no part of it can be taken away, nor can it be abrogated altogether. Neither the people nor despots can absolve from it. It is eternal and immutable for all nations and for all time.

This natural law obliges us to contribute to the general good of the larger society. The law must be what promotes good and forbids evil. What holds us back from upholding this is our human failings, our lusts for pleasure, wealth, status, and other inconsequentials. The legalisms of our unfortunate times do not constitute the true law of nature. Wicked and unjust statutes are anything but laws, for in the very definition of the term 'law' there inheres the idea and principle of choosing what is Just and true, and depriving people of their natural rights.

The first right is thus: All beings are entitled to life.

The second right is thus: All beings are entitled to freedom, as long as it does not conflict with the first right.

The third right is thus: All beings are entitled to that which they create or gain through gift or trade, in as much as it does not conflict with the other two rights.

These rights are not dependent on the laws or customs of any particular culture or government, and so are universal, fundamental, and immutable. Thus are the liberties of nature.

Natural Justice is thus: the rights of individuals shall not be penalized unless they have been given prior notice, a fair opportunity to answer for their actions, and the opportunity to present their own arguments. To be Just is to follow a sensible and reasonable decision making procedure on a particular issue.

Firstly is the Rule of Hearing. The person or party who is affected by the decision shall be given a fair opportunity to express his point of view to defend himself or herself.

Secondly is the Rule Against Bias. The hearer of the case shall be bias free while making the decision. None shall be a judge in his or her own case, for it leads unfair activity whether in a conscious or unconscious state. None shall gain financial benefit from the matter. The decision shall be given in a free and fair manner.

Thirdly is the Rule of Reasoned Decision. The order, decision or judgement shall be reasonable, and any punishment or consequence therein shall be without excessive retaliation, force, or deprivation of the liberties of nature.

[An additional note is added by a Cane Halcorr of Yew though it is unclear exactly when.]
“Surely no one gives Farehar any credence? This account was obviously written under some manner of mind-control.”
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